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Octave8 Music is a specialised modern music academy based in Sydney. Our primary focus is the teaching of electronic keyboard, guitar, drums and vocals. In the future we will also be offering Digital Music Production, Songwriting/Composing, Music Theory, Rock & Classical Performance Classes and one to one HSC Music Tuition.

Our teachers are not only experienced educators but also currently employed in the music industry in a range of roles from live musicians (band/session players) to composers (film & TV). These guys are thoroughly inspirational, hand picked and gifted musos who are not teaching for the money - but because they LOVE it and want to give something special back that was once given to them. 












At Octave8 we are passionate about firing imaginations and teaching our students to LOVE music. Learning music through any instrument has so many benefits to students from Kindergarten to 18 and beyond!

Just check out this amazing video on how music affects the brain > Ted Talk Music































Research has proven that there are many ways learning a musical instrument can help a child's development and will benefit them well into the future. Here's just a few:




  • Increases the capacity of memory

  • Refines your time management and organisational skills

  • Boosts team skills

  • Teaches perseverance

  • Enhances hand/eye coordination

  • Betters mathematical ability

  • Improves reading and comprehension skills

  • Sharpens concentration

  • Fosters self-expression and relieves stress

  • Creates a sense of achievement

  • Promotes social skills

  • Boosts listening skills

  • Teaches discipline

  • Elevates performance skills and reduces anxiety

  • Enhances respiratory system (choir)


Keyboard, Guitar, Drums & Vocal Lessons will teach your child so much about music and it will not only be fun but also give your child a chance to gain confidence and develop multiple cognitive abilities. 

We know music is awesome in so many ways for your child and the Octave8 team can deliver this direct to you! 

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"You love music and you made the kids love it with you."

( 'Mr Holland's Opus' MOVIE 1995)

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