Start your little one on a wonderful musical journey - with Octave8 Music Academy

Join our uber-talented music teachers as they introduce our TINY TALENTED (ages 1-2 yrs) and MINI MUSOS (ages 3-4 yrs) to the wonderful world of music! Our little ones get to play, sing, move, draw and listen to all things musical. We use a variety of musical instruments and technologies to show how much fun music making is and how much they can learn with our specially designed music programs.  

We follow an established music curriculum interspersed with modern songs, new technologies in music, digital keyboard lighting and brilliant new apps that help parents teach their kids more about music in between lessons.  Our teachers sing, dance, share musical stories, teach basic music signs, play games and evoke musical responses. Our little learners learn on two levels - (level one: TINY TALENTED, level two: MINI MUSOS) both levels focus on the very anatomy of music; the concepts! Pitch, Rhythm, Timbre, Dynamics, Expression and Musical Colour. These elements once taught through a range of engaging and ear-grabbing techniques provide students all the knowledge and skills to be able to start learning a musical instrument with Octave8 Senior Academy at 5 yrs old. 

Research reveals strong connections between rhythm skills and pre-reading abilities in toddlers (Woodruff Carr K, W.-S.T., Tierney A, Strait D, Kraus N. , Beat synchronisation and speech encoding in preschoolers: A neural synchrony framework for language development. , in Association for Research in Otolaryngology Symposium. 2014: San Diego, CA.)

Music enhances fine motor skills, or the ability to use small, acute muscle movements to write, use a computer, and perform other physical tasks (Forgeard, 2008; Hyde, 2009; Schlaug et al. 2005) 

Each session allows a maximum of 5 ​little learners and this enables our talented teachers to spend quality time on the musical education of your child - we encourage all parents to take part in the sessions and we give weekly tips and 'musical workouts' to really get our little ones into the spirit of learning music. 

Classes are held on weekdays between 10.00am and 2.00pm in Moorebank and Holsworthy. Sessions are 45 minutes and parents & children are welcome to enjoy refreshments after classes with new friends. If you would like to try a free session anytime simply complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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