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Miss Braiden

Digital Keyboard

Bass Guitar - Vocals - HSC Coaching

Braiden teaches at Hammondville & Georges Hall

Braiden began playing piano at the young age of 6, reciting melodies from cinema and gaming soundtracks. Not long after she began working on songwriting as a spark of creativity ignited her passion for music. For years of her homeschooling she spent majority of her time writing orchestral tracks to film scenes created from her imagination, The Hatters, a concept she created in her youth, largely influenced her quick learning to be noticeably proficient as a young solo pianist and composer.

She ranked 1st in Engadine High School for her HSC in Music II, Music Extension and VET Entertainment and was largely commended as the school's brightest pianist the staff had seen in 30 years. 

A triple threat in the music production industry, she now studies a bachelor of songwriting at JMC Academy, performing as a front woman under the name 'Bennie Blackstar' to experiment with new vocal skills, genres and ideas.

Braiden hopes to pass down her experiences and passion for music to inspire the new generation.

Piano on Stage
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