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Mr Alexander
Guitar | Keys | Drums

Alexander Milam is a dedicated music educator and versatile musician with a rich background in live performance and music education. His musical journey began during his time in American high school, where he honed his skills playing in concert and marching bands, laying the foundation for his passion for music.

After high school, Alexander continued to expand his musical horizons by joining a church band and local gig bands, gaining valuable experience performing in various settings and connecting with audiences through music.

In pursuit of his passion for worship music, Alexander embarked on a transformative journey to Australia, where he studied worship music at Hillsong College for three years. This immersive experience deepened his understanding of music in a spiritual context and further fuelled his desire to share his knowledge with others.

In September 2020, Alexander commenced his full-time teaching career, bringing his diverse musical background and expertise to many students of all ages. Alexander's professional journey continues to evolve whilst teaching, as he juggles multiple musical commitments. He regularly performs with two bands while also playing three services every Sunday for Echo Church, demonstrating his versatility and dedication to live performance.

Alexander expanded his instrumental repertoire by embarking on a guitar and bass journey with Northwoods Church in America. Within a year, he progressed from the youth group to the main stage, showcasing his rapid growth and adaptability as a musician.

Alexander's musical talents are further showcased through his recorded work. His drumming can be heard on tracks such as "Alpha & Omega" (Thin Place) and "Everybody Lies" (The Future Thrills), available on iTunes. Additionally, music enthusiasts can explore his diverse musical content on social media platforms under the handle @amilam114.

Driven by a genuine passion for music and a commitment to musical education, Alexander Milam continues to inspire and enrich the musical community through his performances, teaching, and ongoing musical endeavours. We love having you here Mr Alexander!

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