Mr Dai 

Piano Teacher &

Music Therapist

MaCMTherapy, BM(Mus), RMT, MTA Accredited Music Teacher

(Piano and Theory of Music), AMTA Member, Full MTA Member


Dai started his studies in piano and music at the age of six. He has achieved a Master of Creative Music Therapy Degree from Western Sydney University. He is a MTA accredited music teacher and AMTA qualified Australian Registered Music Therapist. He also hold a management Bachelor Degree of Arts and Culture from Nanjing Normal University majoring in music and performance. He has been nominated as the international exchange student came to Italy for studying Postgraduate Course of Music in University of Parma.

Dai has been teaching music lessons for over 16 years. He is a senior piano and music teacher at Octave 8 Music Academy. He has rich experiences in teaching AMEB advanced grade of piano and other international music examinations including Trinity, ABRSM, Theory of music and HSC. Many of his students have received outstanding results during examinations and competitions.

Dai has experience in music therapy interventions comprise both individual and group sessions for children, adolescents, young adult and their families, utilising a family-centred care approach. He is a highly proficient music therapist with practical knowledge of music techniques, which will help clients to reach a variety of objectives, i.e. promotion of socialisation, communication (verbal/non verbal), relaxation, pain or stress management, emotional expression or coping, self-expression, motivation, independence, fine and gross motor and cognitive skills.

Dai has presented many academic dissertations during his Master degree study, such as ‘Three major theories of learning be used in music therapy practice’ and ‘Psychodynamic Music Therapy’, to demonstrate that how to use music therapeutically through improvising and song writing, sing and instrument playing, composing and arranging, performance and music imagery, to meet the needs of clients, as they develop their deep awareness and understanding of music.

Dai also performed and placed in numerous festivals and competitions at the state and national level. He has won the First Rank Award of National Art song contest (2001) and Third Rank Award of Musical contest in China (2002). He has also been the recipient from the University Scholarship, Educational Trust Award. Now he continues to perform as a solo performer and collaborative pianist throughout the West Sydney area since he moved to Australia, as well as accompany for recitals, concerts, auditions, etc.

Dai teaches at Moorebank

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