Mr Matthew

B.Mus, B.Mus

Drum Kit



Matthew teaches at Wattle Grove & Moorebank 

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Matthew started playing the drums at age 12 and has been tutoring from 18. He has studied with a number of notable drummers in Australia including Darren Brollo, David Plenty and Michael Quigley. He has acquired a Bachelor of Music from Avondale Collage of Higher Education and a Bachelor of Music with a specialization in Contemporary Music Performance from The Australian Institute of Music (AIM). 

He is experienced in performing many different styles of music from jazz to folk rock to death metal. He is currently playing with Sydney based thrash metal band “Flaming Wrekage” who have produced 3 studio albums and performed all across Australia and Europe.  


Matthew has extensive experience performing all around the world in places like: The U.S.A., Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and Denmark to name a few.


Matthew is so excited to be teaching you at Octave8 Music Academy !