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Terms & Conditions 



There are two options for learning with Octave8 Music Academy:


  • 1:1 Private (Individual) $45 per session.​

  • Shared Group Session (max 3, minimum 2 per group) $25.00 per session.      

Shared Group Lessons: 

All students MUST have a partner on commencement of lessons to qualify for the lower lesson rate. If a student cannot (or Octave8 Music Academy) cannot find a partner to share with at the commencement of lessons, the following options are available:

  • Student can opt for 1:1 Private for a temporary period until a suitable partner is found. Lessons will be billed at 1:1 rate and then will change to Group Rate on commencement of Group class. 

  • Student can be placed on a waitlist to commence a group class once there is another student to share this lesson with. Please indicate either choice on your application form.


In the event that a group commences with two students and one of the students decides to leave, so only one student is left, Octave8 will honour your spot and you can continue the lessons at the group rate until the end of the term. However, if by the following term we cannot find a new partner(s), the group will have to be disbanded.



Trial lessons are booked prior to enroling to the academy. Once we receive your enquiry, we will get back to you with the available time for this trial lesson. 

Please note, there is a limit of two trial lessons per student allowed before the enrolment process must be completed. The two trials must be on different instruments/ vocal lessons, for e.g. trial 1 could be piano, then trial 2 could be for vocal etc. Students are not able to complete two trials for the same instruments/ vocal lessons.

Once a student has completed a trial lesson, they will be given an invitation to enrol. You will need to accomplish two forms, (1) registration form and (2) direct debit form. Enrolment must be completed within 24 hours for the student to begin lessons the following week, in order to keep the lesson day/ time. If we have not received the enrolment after 24 hours, the lesson day/ time becomes available for anyone to take.


Fees for trial lessons are charged upon enrolment at Octave8. For example, if a student has a trial lesson in week 1 of a term, you will be charged for a full 10-week term (1 x trial lesson + 9 x weeks of lessons once enrolled). However, if a student decides not to enrol after a trial lesson, they will not be charged for this experience.

If a student has a trial lesson but does not wish to commence immediately (e.g. due to family holidays or wanting to wait until the following term etc), they have the option of paying a “Holding Deposit” of $50.00 per student per class which will hold the lesson day/ time for up to FOUR WEEKS ONLY. This deposit is non-refundable if the student does not return to Octave8. However, if the student does enrol after this time, the deposit will be deducted from their fees.




Once you have completed the two forms, you will receive a welcome email with the direct debit fee schedule. Upon enrolling, the student will be fully enrolled for the term indicated (this could be 10 weeks or less depending on when you enrol). When commencing during the term, payment will be pro rata for the number of weeks remaining in the term (e.g. if the student commences lessons in week 3 of a 10-week term, they will only be invoiced for 8 lessons). All fees are payable via direct debit only and are calculated for all teaching terms of the year. You may select to pay your fees weekly or termly.



There is an annual registration fee ($30) which is payable Term 1 of every year for all current students. If a new student enrols during terms 1, 2 or 3, this registration fee will be charged at the time of enrolment. For students that enrol in Term 4 of the year, a registration fee will only be charged once you pre-register for the following year. This nominal fee covers administration costs associated with time spent on getting students ready for lesson commencement. NOTE: Only one registration fee will be charged per student per year.


Each student will be expected to purchase a workbook for use during lessons and practice times at home. The initial/starting workbook is chosen by the teacher and will be handed out on their first session. The cost for this book will be included on the student's first direct debit fees. Whilst enrolled with Octave8 Music Academy every student will be expected to agree to purchase workbooks as required for learning.


As students’ progress with their studies further books or examination materials may need to be purchased when appropriate. Once needed, it will be ordered by the instrument teacher on behalf of the student. The workbook will be supplied by BELFIELD MUSIC (see Privacy Policy point 3) and once this is available BELFIELD MUSIC will contact the student/parent to advise cost and delivery options (or collection). Octave8 students do have a student discount with BELFIELD MUSIC and this can be used to purchase anything across the store.


A) ENROLLING MULTIPLE STUDENTS: (Private / 1 to 1 lessons only) 

We offer discounts for 1:1 Private lessons ONLY. Discounts to be applied as follows: 1st child will pay the fees in full; the 2nd child will receive a 15% discount; the 3rd child will receive a 20% discount and the 4th will receive a 25% discount. In a situation where there are multiple students from a family studying a range of lesson types (Shared Group Lessons & 1:1 Private lessons) these discounts are applied at the discretion of the Octave8 Music Academy management.

B) LEARNING MULTIPLE INSTRUMENTS: (Private/ 1 to 1 lessons only) 

If you or your child learns any combination of instruments (2 or more) you will also be entitled to the same range of discounts as above. (i.e.) 1 Instrument NO DISCOUNT, 2 Instruments 15% off the 2nd class, 3 Instruments 20% off the 3rd class, 4 Instruments 25% off the 4th class, 5 or more instruments - discounts applied at the discretion of the management.


We also offer discounts to current students who introduce their friends to music lessons with us. These students will receive 5% off term fees for introducing us to a student who enrols for a term (further discounts will be offered per additional new student at 5% per student enrolled up to a maximum discount of 20%). To receive the appropriate discounts, please notify the Octave8 Music Academy enrolments manager via email at:  to advise her the name(s) of that friend.   


Octave8 Music Academy is a registered provider with CREATIVE KIDS. If you have a voucher you would like to use to reduce your annual lessons you must provide the voucher number and full name and date of birth details BEFORE you commence lessons and enrol with us. Once you provide this, we will be able to calculate your annual fees based on the discount from the voucher. If you provide this after you have started and already commenced Direct Debit Payments, it will be difficult to apply the discount.  


If payment of your direct debit is unsuccessful due to insufficient funds in your account, Integrapay (our payment gateway provider) will charge a $4.40 fee for each unsuccessful direct debit. If there have been any more than 2 unsuccessful direct debits, your lessons will be placed on hold until payment is resolved.



Please try to arrive a minute or two before the scheduled lesson start time. However as there is only one main teaching space, please be mindful that other students may still be in class. Signage will be set up to guide students to the lesson location at each of our sites.



If students are unable to attend their music lesson, parents are required to send us a message via TEXT on 0403 682 593 or EMAIL as soon as possible (preferably prior to the lesson) to, alternatively you can call us on 9731 0263. This enables us to notify teachers to prep early for their next lesson or move on with the shared lesson.  

Missed lessons due to student non-attendance for any reason must be paid for. There will be no complimentary lessons or refunds provided for any reason connected with the student. If Octave8 Music Academy have to cancel any lesson/s for any reason (e.g. the teaching venue is closed unexpectedly, teacher sickness or any other kind of unavoidable reason), students will be compensated for that week's missed lesson. If this occurs, students will receive a 'make up lesson' (either a “Virtual Make-up Lesson” for 1:1 students ONLY or an extra class the following term), or they may choose a refund to the value of that missed lesson.



In Week 7 of Term 4 each year we will open the Pre-Registration process in order for you to hold your spot for the following calendar year. Pre-registration secures your lesson day/time again that you held for the current year. If we do not receive your pre-registration by the closure date (which is typically in Week 10 of Term 4) your class will be offered to our waitlist and direct debits will be cancelled. It is imperative that you pre-register during the allocated period in order to keep your preferred lesson times.



If a student wishes to cancel their enrolment during the term, they are required to provide us with written notice via email 2 weeks prior to the date of their last lesson. If a student decides not to go ahead with enrolment for next term, they are to provide a written cancellation (via email) 2 weeks prior to the end of the current term (in Week 8), so that we have time to fill that spot in time for the start of the new term. If we do not receive notice until after the new term has already commenced (or two weeks prior to cancellation date), the student will be liable to pay a “late notice exit fee”. This fee is equal to the value of either 2 weeks of lessons (for shared lessons) or 1 week of lessons (for 1:1 Private lessons).


Parents are free to stay and watch lessons in order to observe their child’s lesson progress and understand what they have to do for the following week. If they choose to not stay in the room, they are required to stay on the grounds in case of an emergency as Octave8 are not legally responsible for students during lessons (see 16). Please note: If parents would like to be in the room during lessons, they are asked to please be mindful of the student/s learning experience. Any excess noise can be a distraction to the teacher/class.



All Keyboard / Piano students in shared lessons MUST please bring their own headphones to lessons (not applicable to any other instrument). This enables them to practice silently during some of the lesson. Ideally a pair of headphones with a large stereo jack (6.5mm Stereo RCA, not small 3.5mm), should be purchased but affordable adapters can be purchased to convert 3.5mm to 6.5mm if need be. For more information if you are not sure which to purchase, please email us at: alternatively you can contact our music partners at Belfield Music on 9642 4450.



It is a requirement of Octave8 Music Academy that our students practice at home to build their skills, knowledge, and confidence. Students will not be able to play any instrument by just attending the class; home practice is essential to this process. We ask all parents to make sure that practice takes place a minimum of 3 days a week for at least 10 minutes per day. In addition, please monitor the practice the student does. There are set exercises and songs that we focus on week by week in a particular order for the student to learn hand positions, the correct finger usage and coordination of both hands etc. If they follow these, we know from experience that great progress can be made. 




Octave8 Music Academy will occasionally use photographs of students in their lessons to use as promotional material, including: our website, Facebook page, school newsletters or brochures. No student surnames or any other personal details will be used with these photos. If anyone DOES NOT want photographs of them/ their child to be used for this purpose, please send us an email at the time of enrolment so that we can make a note in their profile.




All Octave8 Music Academy teachers hold a current Working with Children check. These assessments are carried out by the Office of the Children’s Guardian and include thorough background checks. During lessons students are in very safe hands at Octave8 but, for the safety of our students and teachers, we request that parents stay with their child (or close by). Alternatively, parents may nominate another adult to be present and responsible for the student/s well-being during lessons. Parents can nominate another family member or friend of the family by simply emailing: Octave8 Music Academy and its staff are not legally responsible for students on the way to, during or after lessons. 




All contact regarding any matters relating to enrolments, invoices, timetables, etc must be done via our head office, contactable on (02) 9731 0263. Staff are not permitted to give out their personal mobile phone or email contacts to any parent or student. Teachers are only available to discuss any matters during lesson times. If any parent would like to arrange a free parent-teacher consultation on progress, they may do this via head office. 




Octave8 values feedback from all its students, families, carer’s, and staff. Our aim is that everyone is treated fairly, and that we continually improve our services in response to all feedback and complaints. 


We are committed to handling all feedback in a fair, respectful, and timely manner. Ensuring the individual or group providing feedback or making the complaint is fully informed of their rights and the outcome of their involvement. 


All complaints will be handled giving careful attention to confidentiality. Providing feedback or lodging a complaint will neither affect the right to receive a service, nor the quality of service provided.


Anyone wishing to give us feedback or make a complaint, can do so by phone or email:


Ph: 9731 0263



If you are unhappy with the resolution of your complaint, Octave8 recognises the rights of students, families, carer’s and staff to contact external bodies such as the NSW Office of Fair Trading ( All NDIS participants have the right to make complaints to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission ( Where complaints are made to external bodies, Octave8 will actively work to resolve any complaints.



We hold two formal student showcases annually that we heartily encourage all our students to partake in, this is by no means mandatory but we do suggest all students ‘have a go’ at least once a year. Concerts are usually held locally and are free for all members of the academy to take part in. Students receive a special certificate as well as photo opportunities with their teacher and friends and family members after each event. All parents and friends that wish to watch the concert will need to purchase a ticket each (between $20-30) that goes directly to the cost of hiring the staff, venue, staging, lights and audio for the day. If you do not wish your child to participate in concerts just advise your child’s teacher nearer the time of ‘showcase registration’.



Every year Octave8 Music Academy officially submits selected students for examinations. We offer entry to the following accredited examination boards:


RockSchool (managed by the AMEB)

Trinity College London

Trinity Rock & Pop

Octave8 Premier Music Examinations  (pre grade exams)

Octave8 teaching staff carefully evaluate all students for examination suitability and when the time comes to have an opportunity to try for a grade in your instrument your teacher will advise us and we will advise you of costs and dates and what is required. 

People often ask why sit exams in music? The main reason anybody should do this is two-fold; 1- to have a goal to aim for and 2- once achieved students can understand exactly what they are capable of in terms of technical ability and level. Exams are also excellent for musical confidence and receiving an internationally recognised qualification is certainly something worth aiming for. Higher grades from 6-8 also attract points towards university entrance so this is also something to consider further down the track. Examinations are not mandatory and even if we feel students are suitable for grading there is no obligation whatsoever to be submitted. 


Octave8 Music Academy Privacy Policy


Octave8 respects the privacy of all our friends, visitors, students, business contacts and colleagues. This Privacy Policy outlines why we may request personal information and how this information will be handled.

1. Octave8 will never share confidential information with any third party without permission.


2. What personal information do we collect and why:

The nature of the personal information that we collect will depend on the circumstances of the collection and the type of service requested from us. For example, when booking a class or individual lesson, we will need to collect personal information such as a first and last name, telephone number, email address and possibly credit card details.

3. Your Personal Information Sharing for Purposes of Book Purchase Only:

Octave8 Music Academy has a commercial partnership with Belfield Music whereby they will be involved in the ordering of new/ additional student music books. We will be sharing information about our students and families, including Student name, email address and student/ parent mobile number to complete orders for books used during Octave8 music lessons. Once an order is ready, Belfield Music will contact students/parents directly via email or mobile phone to notify them, request payment and organise delivery/ pick up of the order. Please note the collection of this information and sharing with Belfield Music is solely for the purpose of book orders and purchases specifically requested by Octave8 teachers, this information is for no other purpose and as such the information will not be used in sales targeting or similar promotions without the express consent of the parent. 

4. If students sign up for email-delivered promotions, we will also store an email address:

We may use personal information, unless advised otherwise, to send notifications of updates to our website or events that we think may be of interest to students/parents. If you do not wish for this information to be used for any of these purposes, please contact us via email. 


5. How we collect personal information:


We may collect personal information when you contact us by email, telephone, via correspondence by letter or face-to-face.


6. Keeping personal information safe:


Octave8 undertakes to protect all personal information by taking reasonable steps to ensure this information is held in a secure facility. Access to personal information is limited to the business proprietor and key staff members only. We are strongly committed to safeguarding personal information and treat it at all times as confidential.


7. Links to other websites:


For the convenience of our students/parents, our website and email newsletters may contain links to other websites. Octave8 is not responsible for the privacy practices of the proprietors of these sites and we recommend that students/parents read the privacy policies of each website they visit before disclosing any personal information.

8. How can students/parents’ access and update their personal information:

If students/parents would like to update information that we hold which is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, or if they wish to change their privacy preferences at any time, please contact us via email with the request.​

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