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*Lesson Fees: One to One - $45.00 per lesson

Group Lessons - $25.00 per lesson

**based on enrolment into group lessons 

Lesson Types Explained

The Shared Session

The shared session is our most popular learning option. The idea is simple but extremely effective in aiding swift and sustainable progress in learning a musical instrument. If you opt to take a shared session you will join up to 2 other students making a max class of 3 students. Shared Sessions cannot run with only 1 student.  

Students who take this option can enjoy a lot of teacher attention as well as valuable feedback on a more regular basis than you would expect in a large group situation.  For students who are starting to learn at instrument and not sure if they have the time or $$ to commit to 1-1 this is an excellent option. 

This option is also available to schools on an exclusive basis - the cost to come into your school is $25 per student.

1 to 1 Private 

The 1 to 1 is a fully focused and tailor-made learning experience for those students who really want professional guidance in a private setting. Students are given a fully adaptable program of study; they might choose to follow and work towards the world-wide recognised Trinity College London examinations in either ROCK & POP or Classical music or follow a personally chosen style of music learning for leisure. The obvious advantage of this option is the fact that there are no other students in the class and as such you will have 100% attention of the teacher for the 30 minute lesson duration. Many of the teachers who teach 1-1 are either highly experienced, highly qualified or both with accreditations from the NSW Music Teachers' Association. For students who are fully committed and willing to work hard the results have no limits which makes 1-1 the perfect option. This option is $45 per student per lesson.



There are a number of ways to get some great discounts on your termly fees.


If you recommend a friend to Octave8 Music Academy and they subsequently enrol for at least 1 term you will receive a 5% discount on your full term fees. All you need to do is send us an email with the name of the new student and get your friend to also say YOU recommended them to us and your invoice will be 5% lighter for one term. If you continue to recommend new people you will continually receive a 5% discounts so if you are a great Octave8 ambassador you'll reap the rewards. 


1 to 1 lessons for you and your siblings

If you learn any instrument 1-1 at the same time (or any other time of the week) as your brother or sister (be enrolled during the same term) you will be entitled to a range of discounts. See below of the % off you will receive:

1 Student      NO DISCOUNT

2 Students    15% off the 2nd student's fees

3 Students    20% off the 3rd students's fees

4 Students    25% off the 4th student's fees

5 or more students - discounts applied at the discretion of the management

1 to 1 lessons - multiple instruments

If you or your child learns any combination of instruments (2 or more) you will also be entitled to the same range of discounts as above.

1 Instrument      NO DISCOUNT

2 Instruments   15% off the 2nd class

3 Instruments   20% off the 3rd class

4 Instruments   25% off the 4th class

5 or more instruments - discounts applied at the discretion of the management

The discounts only apply to 1 to 1 INDIVIDUAL lessons.

The shared sessions are already reduced to as lower rate as we can sustain. 

If you have a family learning with us of at least 3 children where at least one member is learning 1-1 you may be entitled to a discretionary discount - this situation will be reviewed by the administrator.